13.04.21 Your Employment Webinar

Please see the link below to Your Employment Webinar, recorded on 13 April 2021.

This week our panel of expert employment lawyers discuss the following as a minimum, whilst leaving time for live Questions & Answers:-

Topics covered in the webinar

  1. A quick run through of the new legislative changes to UK employment law, taking effect on 6 April 2021;
  2. The new IR35/Off Payroll Working rules – how might they affect your business, what options do you have as a contractor and how are certain large businesses in the UK approaching the issue?
  3. An analysis of the Employment Tribunal Quarterly Statistics – what are the current trends with active claims and a review of the new Tribunals Judiciary’s road map for Employment Tribunal proceedings.

Thank you for taking the time to listen to our webinar.  We hope that you find it useful.

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