16.07.21 Returning To The Workplace Webinar

Our Employment Law Webinar, recorded on Friday 16th July.

The Government made some interesting and important announcements earlier this week and the onus has clearly shifted onto employers to take responsibility to bring their staff back to the workplace, and to deal with the concerns and fears of their workforce in relation to the same. 

A number of important questions remain unanswered and employees may be looking to their employer, rather than the Government, for answers.

We always want our clients to stay ahead of the curve and our panel of expert employment lawyers discuss the following, whilst leaving time for live Questions & Answers:-

Topics covered in the webinar

  1. Refresher and update on the Covid-19 vaccination debate – what is and is not reasonable?
  2. Case law update on COVID cases – and the arguments which have been tested at Employment Tribunal level to date;
  3. How to deal with a range of interpretations of personal responsibility, as encouraged by the government post 19 July 2021, when dealing with your entire employee population;
  4. Can you legally require your staff to take Covid tests?

Thank you for taking the time to listen to our webinar.  We hope that you find it useful.

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