16.09.21 Your Employment Webinar on Hybrid Working, Flexible Working and Other Key Topics

Following our gap month in August due to the summer holidays, we are very pleased to continue our webinar programme.

As thousands of people are now returning to the workplace, hybrid working (i.e. staff spending some of the week at the workplace, the rest at home) is a big trend, but employers must ensure that it is implemented correctly.

Our panel of expert employment lawyers cover this, whilst also discussing the following insightful topics:-

Topics covered in the webinar

  1. Navigating enforceable clauses in employment contracts/policies/handbooks;
  2. Top tips for introducing hybrid working;
  3. How the law of indirect sex discrimination interplays with flexible working requests;
  4. Case update – will the lack of an appeal during a redundancy process make the dismissal unfair? Together with other issues arising from caselaw.

We hope that you enjoy the webinar and feel free to contact us on 0203 837 9914 / info@joneschase.com if you have any questions or need any assistance.