My first month at Jones Chase – Blog by Domonic Lyons, Paralegal

How has your first month at Jones Chase gone?

My first month at Jones Chase has been both exciting and rewarding. Every day I have been lucky enough to learn about niche areas of employment law and how we, as a firm, operate.  There is certainly a steep learning curve, but I have been well looked after by the team.  Each day is different which provides excitement to the role, and it is a great platform for personal development.

What have you learned in your first month?

What I have learned at Jones Chase within my first month has been wide-ranging.  I now understand that the firm has very high standards and works hard to get our clients the best results.  I have been able to analyse and advise on complex client cases, with supervision.  Also, I have been given the opportunity to shadow partners in their client meetings and minute these. I previously didn’t realise that there was such much psychology involved in employment law and the negotiation process.

What aspects of your role have you most enjoyed?

Being a paralegal at Jones Chase provides independence to manage my own workload and complete projects within a given deadline.  I am frequently in touch with the firm’s clients and I really enjoy helping them. The close-knit nature of the firm has allowed me to work with everyone, whether that be analysing case law or assisting others with the preparation of documents for their clients, allowing me to bed into the firm.

What challenges if any have you come across?

I have learnt that lawyers act for their clients using different methods and this depends wholly upon their client’s needs.  It is very interesting to see the different approaches being taken in different cases, depending on who the opposition are or the particular facts of the case.  I appreciate that there is a lot to learn but I am being guided well by my team mates.

How have you settled in with the team?

I have settled in very well; everyone has been so kind and supportive. The work I have been tasked with doing has been overseen throughout by expert lawyers. They have been available to talk to, even for a simple question, which is very reassuring for myself as a new starter.

What are you looking forward to in the next 6 months?

Continually assisting the firm’s clients with getting their cases towards a successful outcome and getting involved on a deeper level as the cases progress.  Also, the chance to manage my own projects for the firm, allowing me to have a direct influence on how Jones Chase thrives in the near future.

About the firm

Jones Chase is a specialist employment law firm based in the centre of London with an excellent track record of looking after those that we assist.

We fundamentally believe in helping both businesses and people with all their employment law needs.

Feel free to contact us should you require further information or need any assistance. We are always happy to speak to people and point them in the right direction.