16.12.2021 Your Employment Webinar – 2021 a year in review, the Legal Implications of Facial Recognition Technology and Other Key Legal Updates

Following on from last month’s webinar we are very pleased to continue our webinar programme for the month of December.

Facial recognition technology and its uses in employment is becoming a prominent topic, but employers must be aware of its legal implications.

Our panel of expert employment lawyers cover this, whilst also discussing the following insightful topics:-

Topics covered in the webinar

  1. The latest working from home Government rules – what to employers need to do now?  What happens if you get “pinged”?  Are the rules different for unvaccinated people?
  2. Facial recognition technology and its use in employment – what are the legal implications?;
  3. How far does vicarious liability extend for employers when it comes to Christmas parties?  Are you responsible for “everything” that your staff do?
  4. 2021 – a year in review – what were the key cases and legislative changes that people need to know about? 

We hope that you enjoy the webinar and feel free to contact us on 0203 837 9914 / info@joneschase.com if you have any questions or need any assistance.