Domonic Lyons
Domonic LyonsParalegal

Journey to law

Domonic studied at the University of Lincoln and the University of Law in London.  Prior to this, at the age of 17, he decided to pursue a career in law as he wanted to help people who may not be in a position to help themselves and to make a difference in their lives. 

He discovered that working as an employment lawyer would allow him to fulfil this goal and volunteered at the Employment Tribunal in London.  Here Domonic gained first-hand experience of employment law in practice and it cemented his decision to become an employment lawyer.  He now enjoys working with companies as much as individual clients as he realises that he can make a positive difference for all clients on a daily basis. 

Domonic was drawn to Jones Chase in particular due to the togetherness and determination of the Jones Chase team, which suits his values perfectly.

Domonic assists Jones Chase’s qualified lawyers on cases involving all aspects of UK employment law.  Prior to joining the firm, he provided employment advice to clients on a variety of issues, always with the aim of quickly reaching a resolution which best suited the client.

I had a strong desire to help people and the opportunity to assist both businesses and individuals in achieving their outcomes is unique to being an employment lawyer.  It provides me with both variety and excitement within the legal profession, and the ability to help clients on both everyday matters but also on large complex issues means no two days are the same.

The firm’s values are closely aligned with my own and what I am looking to achieve in my legal career.  I believe that I can make a real impact for clients at Jones Chase.

I now understand that treating both clients and colleagues with care is an important ideology within Jones Chase, and one that starts from the top down, influencing how we work on a day to day basis.

I enjoy seeing a client’s journey progress from the first meeting to the final outcome and having a significant part to play in making that outcome successful. The wide variety of tasks gives me an opportunity to continually learn within this role and develop myself as an individual.

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