Kathryn Lloyd
Kathryn LloydSenior Associate

Journey to law

Kathryn has a strong academic background and had her first taste of law at a young age, when she carried out work experience at a firm of high street solicitors.  She discovered that each case is different and enjoyed the responsibility of getting to grips with the facts.  She also found a deep sense of pride in getting good results for others and doing her best for her clients.

Upon leaving university, Kathryn was fully aware that she wanted an intellectually challenging job which made her feel that she had achieved her potential and which also allowed her to help others.  Based upon her previous knowledge of working in the sector, Kathryn knew that a career in law would allow her to fulfil these meaningful goals.

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Kathryn has almost 10 years’ experience as an employment lawyer providing advice to both employers and employees.  Over the years, Kathryn has advised private equity and corporate finance firms, banks, property companies, food manufacturers and a leading trade association, as well as individuals ranging from senior executives to whole management teams, consultants and junior employees, on a broad spectrum of employment law issues.  She has also spent time on secondment as an HR/ER advisor at two sovereign banks, which has given her valuable insight into the pressures and challenges of working in Human Resources and the human impact of the work that we do.

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I carried out an employment law seat as part of my training contract and was immediately drawn in by the fast pace of the constantly changing law.  I was struck by how enthusiastic my supervisors were about the work, despite having done it for many years and this was inspirational.  I realised that you get to use many different skills as an employment lawyer and that it is possible to enjoy working in this legal area for a very long time.

That fact that every single employment law case is different and that you have to adjust your style a lot keeps you constantly on your toes and makes you more creative as a lawyer.

The team came highly recommended to me and they are very welcoming.  There is a huge amount of talent in the firm and working with such a talented group of people is very important to me.  They are inspiring.

The firm has a strong desire to help people, more so than anywhere else I have worked, and the team is very client centric.  I was very impressed with how much care the entire team puts into what they do and our success rate, which is incredibly high.

Whilst getting the best possible results for my clients is my primary motivation, I also really enjoy the technical side of law and coming up with creative solutions.  When a client comes to us and thinks that there is no way forward, it is very satisfying to point out that something can be done to help them.


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