Our values

Good values are the most important thing that any of us can ever have and we recognise the importance of congruence across the team.

We achieve fantastic results in Jones Chase because we have great values and we practise what we preach.  

From our staff survey, the most consistent values across the team, in decreasing order, were:-

  1. Caring;
  2. Supportive;
  3. Hardworking;
  4. Doing good;
  5. Innovation;
  6. Generosity;
  7. Calm under pressure;
  8. Loyalty; and
  9. Integrity.

We have empathy and our relationships matter to us.  That’s why it’s no accident that “caring” is the number one shared value amongst the team.

By living our values day by day, we will achieve our mission.

I would just like to take this opportunity to send an email to express my gratitude to everyone at Jones Chase who invested the time and effort into resolving my recent, unfortunate predicament. All of your hard work and commitment quickly concluded a situation for me that had become an incredibly stressful and upsetting period of my life. Without your assistance, I honestly believe I would not have been able to get such a positive outcome. I am indebted to Carl Soan and Jones Chase. As a law firm, you have been invaluable to me during this time. I have thoroughly enjoyed our time working together. With much gratitude and appreciation, I wish Jones Chase all the luck in the future.
Teacher, Education Sector