Sonia Cochet
Sonia CochetRecruitment Manager

Journey to HR

After studying for a Masters in Occupational Psychology, Sonia progressed through a career in
HR covering different sectors including healthcare, legal, charity and financial services. More
recently she has moved into change management/organisational change.

T: +44 (0)203 837 9914

Sonia has gained experience both in the UK and internationally, mainly in senior HR roles and
more latterly in change management roles in a “big four” consulting firm and in retail. Sonia has
led and developed teams of HR professionals and loves seeing people stretch themselves to fulfil
their potential.

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I have always been fascinated by people’s behaviour and the drivers behind it. That’s why I
studied Psychology and then Occupational Psychology, which was a more in depth look at
people’s behaviour in the workplace.
Dean and then the team! I met Dean through friends and thought he was really kind. When
there was an opportunity to work with him I was keen to do so. The team are all similarly kind
and friendly.
That they make an effort with people – both internally as a team and externally. They seem to
really care about doing the right thing. They also are doing things differently to most law firms
and recognising the value from working flexibly.
I’ve chosen a career that is people focused and centres around sensitive issues, so I find it’s
important to find the fun wherever you can and to keep smiling.
  • Her kids (most of the time…)
  • Socialising
  • Running